At Sasha Endoh Code & Design we’re passionate about using our powers for good. Since our founding, we’ve been focused on making work that matters and working with organizations who make a difference.

We specialize in creating custom WordPress websites that are engaging and a pleasure to use both for their visitors and the teams that run them. We also specialize in working with nonprofit clients and understand what it takes to create tools which help them make a greater impact.

As the name of our organization implies, Sasha Endoh is at the helm of our agency. Instead of hiring a full agency-worth of experts, she draws from her network of collaborators that include web professionals, solo-practitioners, teams and agencies of all sizes. She uses this network to form teams that are tailor-made for the specific needs and goals of each unique project we take on which allows us to offer great value and quality to all of our clients.

That’s right, our priority is in creating the best outcomes for our clients, even if that means doing things a little differently.

Let us know about your organization’s challenges. We’re eager to put our expertise to work for those who’re working for a better future for us all!

About Sasha Endoh

Sasha Endoh Montreal Web WordPress Designer

Sasha is a unique blend of creative, strategic, and technical. She’s been designing and developing websites for well over a decade and has an uncanny ability to fully grasp complex situations by asking just the right questions. She excels at creating thoughtful and engaging digital experiences based on user data, accessibility best practices, and your organization’s unique goals.

Her analytical and measured approach to web-building has its roots in her previous life as a research scientist. She believes in the power of cold hard data not only in the lab but also when measuring the efficacy of our work.

Sasha has spoken at conferences around the world on topics ranging from using WordPress to build nonprofit websites to UX design, accessibility, and flexible storytelling. She’s been a member of a panel discussion on social responsibility in graphic design and has been invited to review design portfolios at Montreal’s Behance Reviews. Her work has been featured in the Web Designer Managize. She also regularly gives back to the community by teaching coding workshops for women and girls and helping local non-profits have a greater impact through organizing do_action_mtl, a WordPress hackathon for non-profits.

Her free time is spent in the world of music, books, animal documentaries, indie movies, and quaint British TV shows. She’s also known to play a mean game of pinball.

What our clients say

Working with Sasha was a real charm from start to finish. In addition to being thorough and very professional, she knows perfectly well how to make technical aspects of programming more accessible to relative neophytes. A skillful communicator, she is also very human and creative, light years away from the image of a taciturn and hermit webmaster. We always felt confident with her, and of course, we learned a lot! I would recommend her to anyone without a second of hesitation.

Anne Migner-Laurin
Les Éditions du remue-ménage

Sasha’s initiative and platform knowledge — whether we were selecting core theme or explaining module possibilities to the client — made the development process smooth and frictionless. The end result came together quickly and got the client into the admin to craft content much more quickly than expected.

Jamie Perez

I’m so in love with the site, Sasha! It does everything we wanted it to do and it does it beautifully, seamlessly, and with panache! You’ve listened to everything we said during this process and really built the Quebec Writers’ Federation a site that reflects our values, our style, and our community. Thank you so much!

Sasha was so great at communicating throughout the process, and I really appreciate how she took all of my concerns very seriously and talked me through each one of them.

I also really loved the multiple check-ins and the ability to provide feedback. I appreciated both that a lot of feedback was implemented, but when Sasha didn’t think it was the right decision, that she talked me through it and didn’t just say “yes” to everything I said if she didn’t think it was best for what we were doing.

Danielle Barnes
Women Talk Design

In addition to being an expert at working with the WordPress platform, Sasha has also assisted us in the strategic planning and actual development of our projects. She is an attentive listener and has always taken into account our organization’s goals and needs as well as the needs of our audience. With her assistance, we have devised the optimal solution that’s both visually appealing, technologically savvy, and very attuned to our needs.

Melpa Kamateros
Shield of Athena