Our principles

Hard work, diversity, and quality built into every decision

Being a woman-and-refugee-owned tech company, we know a thing or two about fighting for fundamental rights & representation while making something out of nothing. We believe in the power of the few to make positive change and we strive to lift up the marginalized, underrepresented, minority, and at-risk communities. Not afraid to roll up our sleeves, we do the hard work and fight the good fight alongside our clients.

  • Be a force for good
  • People a the core of all we do
  • Strive for excellence with humility
  • Let data guide our work
  • Courageous transparency
  • Working smart so we can fight like hell
  • Give back often

Be a force for good

We believe in technology’s power to amplify voices and fuel meaningful change. With great power comes great responsibility which is why at Sasha Endoh Code & Design we’re passionate about using our powers for good. We’re focused on making work that matters and working with organizations that make a difference.

People at the core of all we do

We might work with technology but at the core of everything we do are people: our collaborators, our clients, and those who’ll use the fruits of our labour. We believe in always putting people first by listening attentively, collaborating open-mindedly, advocating wholeheartedly for users of all abilities, building diverse points of view into everything we make, and respecting the humanity of all us.

Sasha Endoh giving a talk about using WordPress for good at WordCamp Europe.

Sasha and friends at women's march in Montreal.

Strive for excellence with humility

Excellence can only be achieved through hard work, so we roll up our sleeves and do our absolute best for each and every one of our clients. We don’t believe in cutting corners and instead go with a thoughtful and measured approach. We also know that our learning is never done. It’s with this humility that we’re eager to learn from our collaborators and clients.

Let data guide our work

In a field that combines creativity and technology, we believe in using cold, hard data to dispell biased assumptions and subjective preferences, learn about the problems we’re solving, and build for impactful experiences that advance your cause.

Courageous transparency

We’re not afraid to have difficult conversations and say “no” for the benefit of the best possible outcome for our clients and our teams. We don’t hide our process from our clients and cherish their feedback to help guide our work.

Working smart so we can fight like hell

At Sasha Endoh Code & Design work-life balance isn’t just a pipe dream. We believe in paying fair wages, working reasonable hours, setting healthy boundaries, and making sure that everyone we work with has the support they need to do their best every day.

Sasha, Melissa J Clark, and Dara Skolnick - female developers.

do_action_mtl hackathon for nonprofits.

Give back often

We believe in being generous with our expertise, willing to jump in and help out, and giving back to our communities. With this in mind, we encourage and support our team members and clients to share their knowledge through public speaking, leading workshops, and mentorship. We also organize an annual WordPress hackathon to help our local, Montreal nonprofits do good better, even if they can’t afford to hire our team.

Our teams

Your perfect collaborators

If you were making putting together a band you’d get the best drummer, guitarist, vocalist etc. We apply the same principle to creating the best team for your project. It’s simple: Sasha Endoh leads all of our teams and reaches into her network of talented and experienced web professionals, solo-practitioners, and agencies of all sizes to customize your team based on your unique project needs and goals. You get the right mix of skillsets to make your project a success.


Sasha Endoh headshotI’m Sasha Endoh and as the name of our agency implies my expertise, vision, and passion are at the core of what we do. I believe in working closely with each of our clients and taking a deep interest in what you do so we can to uncover the most meaningful strategies to help you make a greater impact. Our approach ensures that the digital solutions we create truly address your unique challenges and serve both your short-term and broader goals.

My unique experience in both design and development as well as my excellent communication skills allow me to lead complex projects with confidence and create a shared understanding between team members and stakeholders alike. Along with my personal attention, you can also expect to gain a trusted partner for your team and your cause. I look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s chat

I’m so in love with the site, Sasha! It does everything we wanted it to do and it does it beautifully, seamlessly, and with panache! You’ve listened to everything we said during this process and really built the Quebec Writers’ Federation a site that reflects our values, our style, and our community. Thank you so much!

Lori Schubert
Quebec Writers' Federation