Best of Web Design: November 2012

Now that November has come to a close it’s time to take a look at what’s been happening in the world of web design. I’ll cover some interesting reads but, as usual, let’s start things off with last month’s most captivating websites.

Notable Websites

Screenshot of portfolio website by Kait Bos

Kait Bos’s one page website is pretty simple but it’s the simplicity that really makes this site stand out. All the details that make this site pleasant don’t take away from its minimalism.

Screen shot of innovative website by Joint creative agency

As the above screenshot may already have told you, Joint London’s website is another, visually simple site. Boy, oh boy, is it fun to play with and figure out! Definitely check this one out, it’s in a universe of its own.

Screenshot of These Are Things website

The These Are Things website is just plain adorable! Another one-page wonder with JavaScript navigation, but so darned well made! Make sure you take a moment to play around with it.

Must Read

Let’s start with a few must read articles of the month. These two will go a long way to keeping you entertained.


Things are always moving and grooving in the WordPress world, with WordPress 3.5 coming ever so close to release the past month has been no different.


Part of being good at what you do is practicing, these are some really useful tutorials to check out and start using in your projects.


Last, but not least let’s take a look at some articles that will help you improve your business.

Did I miss anything?

There you have it! Did I miss any spectacularly designed websites or articles of significance? Let me know and stay tuned for next month’s Best of Web Design!