Best of Web Design: October 2012

October was a very nutty month around these parts, but I still managed to find time to keep up on new & interesting happenings in web design. So let’s jump right into the best of October 2012 with some beautiful websites.

Outstanding Websites

Mercer Tavern Website

The Mercer Tavern website has been making lots of waves this month. It’s actually a pretty simple site but has some great features that make it stand out. First, the aesthetics are flawless. This is a truly modern take on the collage layout with clean lines yet clearly vintage elements and great typography. Coding wise, it’s always great to see a site that implements horizontal scrolling that can be controlled with the keypad. If you haven’t played with this site yet, you certainly ought to.

Visit Niedlov’s Breadworks Website

Niedlov’s Breadworks website is simply delectable in more than one way. The site is pretty simple and small but it packs a bang with beautiful photography and parallax scrolling. Really, it’s a beautiful and simple site made with just a little extra love and effort to make it interesting.

Responsive & Mobile Web Design

Some might say that these days each website you build has to be responsive. I don’t exactly agree, it’s more important if you have a large mobile audience, which isn’t true for every website. Alas, it’s certainly a good idea to keep on top of any new developments and techniques in this field of web design. Here are some gems from the last month:


If you’re like me then there are a few days each week you don’t even get to do any actual designing. Among other things there are project estimates to do and hopefully a little time gets set aside for updating your portfolio with your awesome, new project launches. Here are two articles that will help with both!


Learning a little something new here and there is always great, so here are some great tutorial roundups from the last month:

Awesome Finds

Last, but certainly not least, here are some great, fabulous, and spectacular finds of this month:

  • – On my holy awesome! This website is a gallery of HTML5, CSS3, JS Demos, Creations and Experiments. The coolest part is that instead of using representative images for each item in the gallery they use actual, live code that you can play with right there and then!
  • The Commoditization of Design and a Good Customer Experience – the second podcast from Go Media and a really great discussion, a must listen!

Did I miss anything?

There you have it! Did I miss any spectacularly designed websites or articles of significance? Let me know and stay tuned for next month’s Best of Web Design!