Best of Web Design: September 2012

It warms my nerdy little web design heart to find beautifully designed websites and interesting, web design related reading material. So, naturally, I wanted to share my finds with you all, and pass on the excitement that I felt when I discovered each of these gems.

Splendid Websites


Screenshot of the Café Evoke website

The Café Evoke website has been blowing my mind this month. Not only is it clearly inspired by overlapping effects of screen printing (a particular favorite of mine) but it’s also delicate and quite minimal, and certainly not boring. I highly recommend that you check out this site and take some time to enjoy all of its understated nuances.


Screenshot of Ermenegildo Zegna website

Another, beautifully minimal website that’s caught my eye this month is that of Ermenegildo Zegna. This baby is a one-page wonder, that is all of its content is presented on a single page with a navigation menu that takes you to individual sections of the site. What I really love is its thoughtful design that incorporates fabric texture, and stitching-style framing for different sections of content that give the site a masculine and upscale look and feel. There’s nothing collage-y or shabby-chic about it. I’m also a fan of how the lookbook presentation is handled: the image carousels are hidden at first and revealed on-click. Very smart, and smart-looking website.


Screenshot of Rush River Brewing Company website

Last, but not least is the Rush River Brewing Company website. I love the vintage style of this site, and it’s all about delicious, craftfully brewed beers – so what’s not to like?! That said, I would have loved to see a more streamlined navigation system for viewing the company’s beers. Having a lightness graphic is a nice touch but I keep wanting to click on it and to see all beers matching the lightness/darkness of my choice, would have been a very useful feature to include. I also found the “Where to buy” section particularly overwhelming, which has mainly to do with the styling not function because the live search feature is great! So there’s lots of good and some bad, I still enjoyed the design concept of this site even if the experience wasn’t 100% mind-blowing.

Superb Reading

Let’s start with some “must reads” for any self-respecting web designer. The following articles are a thought-provoking reads that have spawned some great discussions, so definitely take a gander at their comments sections.

Now, let’s move on to some practical information, that is tutorials. Since my particular interests are WordPress and responsive web design – that’s what these articles are all about.

To round things off here are some great tools and resources to add to your designer toolbox.

Did I miss anything?

There you have it! Did I miss any spectacularly designed websites or articles of significance? Let me know and stay tuned for next month’s Best of Web Design!