Cake and Pie Pattern Desktop Wallpaper

Hand drawn Cake and pie pattern Valentine's Day desktop calendar by Sasha Endoh

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and while I don’t generally partake in its activities I certainly like yummy sugary treats. This cake and pie patterned desktop wallpaper came to be as a result of trying to deal with sugary treat withdrawal after the holidays, when I re-discovered the joys of a sugar rush. Drawing cakes and pies was my way of weaning off the sugary treat regiment I came to love in December. Now, it is my Valentine’s day offering to you!

This wallpaper is completely free to download, all I ask is that you Tweet about it or share it elsewhere on social media. Free art for your screen and a little shout out for me 🙂

Available desktop wallpaper sizes: 320×4801024×7681152×8641280×8001280×960, 1366×7681400×10501440×9001600×9001600×12001680×1050, 1920×10801920×12002560×1440

You can check your screen’s size at What’s my screen resolution.

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