Desktop Wallpaper Calendar December 2013: Scandinavian Christmas

December 2013 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar featuring a scandinavian inspired embroidery illustration designed by Sasha Endoh

It’s time for the final desktop wallpaper of 2013, and probably the last one I’ll be doing for some time. Looking back at the year, creating these wallpapers was fun but also quite time-consuming. I set out to get a bit more experience with digital illustrations as well as hand-drawn ones. I also wanted to have a creative outlet that was all my own. All these thing were accomplished, I also came to dread the end of the month in a completely new way 😉

This month most of us are celebrating some sort of winter holiday, I celebrate Christmas and so the wallpaper is Christmas themed. The design is inspired by Scandinavian embroidery and lace, and is entirely digital this time around. I’m pretty obsessed with Christmas: the hot chocolate, the snowflakes, the sledding, and spending time with friends and family (or having a guilt-free reason to do more of it).

Whatever you happen to celebrate, I hope you all have a spectacular and safe holiday season! Thank you for all the support!

Next year I will still share my personal illustration projects with you all, just on a less rigid schedule. So stay tuned!

Available desktop calendar sizes: 320×4801024×7681152×8641280×8001280×960, 1366×7681400×10501440×9001600×9001600×12001680×1050, 1920×10801920×12002560×1440

Available desktop wallpaper sizes (without calendar): 320×4801024×7681152×8641280×8001280×960, 1366×7681400×10501440×9001600×9001600×12001680×1050, 1920×10801920×12002560×1440

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