• Bis Films: Film Production Company

Bis Films: Film Production Company

Bis Films is a Montreal film production company that uses corporate work to fund passion projects that promote local artist. Their original website was done using Flash, then converted to a more modern way of implementing animation, but the actual design was still outdated and needed major re-working.

I have worked with Sasha on several occasions and am always pleased with the results. She designs with heart and comprehensively understands her clients’ needs. She is creative in many different ways and is never at loss for a solution. I aim to work with her for years to come!

Katherine Macnaughton
Director and Co-Owner at Bis Films

Project Challenges

  • visually impressive design to match the visual impact of films
  • informative yet compact website that’s easy to scan through
  • easy -to-update content

Our Solutions

As the basis of the new website design for Bis Films we used existing artwork created for their original website. These artworks were striking and creatively incorporated aspects of filmmaking and the company’s logo. We used these illustrations as background images interspersed with solid, content-heavy blocks and added parallax scrolling to create depth.

Montreal film production company WordPress website screenshot

We used accordions for progressive disclosure of information in the portfolio and services sections allows for the website to be quickly scannable yet informative. With the same idea in mind, the clients section offers testimonials on mouse hover.

Clients section of portfolio website design by Sasha Endoh

We also created a simple way for Bis Films to keep their website’s content fresh without them having to devote any additional resources for content creation by using the company’s Twitter feed to showcase new work and production photos.

News section using twitter feed designed by Sasha Endoh

As far making this content easy-to-update, we created simple meta boxes that allow the Bis Films team to quickly add new and revise existing content.

WordPress back end for portfolio item

The Bis Films team was able to start with their new website’s content after a 30 minute in-person tutorial session.

  • Work completed
    • Web design
    • Front-end web development
    • Wordpress web development