les éditions du remue-ménage: feminist publishing house

Les éditions du remue-ménage is a leading francophone feminist publishing house in North America. The organization’s mandate is to advance reflection on the status of women and gender issues by exploring innovative themes and approaches, publicizing new authors, and supporting the work of authors.

For their 40th anniversary, the organization needed to update their visual identity and web presence to fit their progressive agenda and bring them into the 21st century.

Working with Sasha was a real charm from start to finish. In addition to being thorough and very professional, she knows perfectly well how to make technical aspects of programming more accessible to relative neophytes. A skillful communicator, she is also very human and creative, light years away from the image of a taciturn and hermit webmaster. We always felt confident with her, and of course, we learned a lot! I would recommend her to anyone without a second of hesitation.

Anne Migner-Laurin
Artistic and commercial director at Les Éditions du remue-ménage

  • What we did: Wordpress web development, Front-end web development
  • Project features: Robust filter system, Responsive web design, PayPal Integration
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    The Challenges

    • improving organic on-site SEO
    • supporting the design team at LOKI
    • allowing for quick access and intuitive navigation of book taxonomies
    • creating easy-to-use admin back-end for fast updating of complex content
    • systematizing design variations

    The Results

    • 34.91% increase in site sessions with 31.50% increase site users
    • 253% increase in online sales

    The Solutions

    This project was completed in collaboration with LOKI who took the lead on designing the branding and website. We were brought in during the website design phase to consult on design implementation and user experience and subsequently to develop the final product. Our insight into web development, design, and WordPress platform helped to create a design that puts the user first and ensures a consistently pleasant experience on desktop and mobile devices.

    Screenshot of les editions du remue menage website homepage

    The book and news filter systems use a combination of dropdown and carousel technology to allow for easy and compact browsing of long lists of taxonomies like publication years, authors, and subjects. On mobile devices, the carousel allows for native swipe gestures to seamlessly integrate with expected user experience.

    Screenshot of author filter dropdown

    Each book and news post has a number of available options. We worked with the éditions du remue-ménage team to optimize the workflow for content addition while building in flexibility for the future.

    Screenshot of Histoire page

    In order to preserve LOKI’s design vision and future-proof the website while creating a flexible storytelling system for the site’s editorial team, we systematized as much of the design as possible. For example, the Histoire page allows for the addition of as many years as desired in order to tell the organization’s story. Each year may have a quote or an image as a point of visual focus. However, each year’s colour is automatically assigned and the position of the text column is equally predetermined.

    The editorial team was given an in-person training session on using and updating the site content that lasted approximately an hour and a half. Barring a few clarifying questions they were able to add all site content and continue to regularly update the website.