• No More Radio: Podcast Network

No More Radio: Podcast Network

No More Radio is Montreal’s first podcasting network. With a number of podcast under the same roof the organization wanted a way to connect them all within a single website.

The creative process is painstaking. Especially when you have an idea in your head, and you want to make sure that translates well. Working with the right people, who understand clearly what your goals are, and what you’re visualizing is important, and often times unique to a specific person. Sasha is that person. No More Radio had been on the drawing board for about four months when we started working on design, and functionality of the site. Being a web-based project, style, aesthetic, and usability are extremely important. Working with Sasha, not only made all of this possible; but she did so with relative ease, and simplicity. And the site looks f*cking awesome.

Paul Aflalo
Co-founder, producer and host at No More Radio Podcast Network

Project Challenges

  • design that combines vintage aesthetics with a modern touch
  • a consistent yet flexible system for display of podcasts
  • user-friendly admin back-end for a variety of users

Our Solutions

We combined a vintage font treatment with a modern colour scheme as well as a number of depictions related to radio, both modern and old-fashioned. Each podcast was given its own blog section, about section, and a stream of episodes.

Podcast WordPress website designed by Montreal's Sasha Endoh

We took advantage of WordPress user roles to provide individual podcast producers with a way to maintain content while keeping the administrative aspects of this website secure.

  • Work completed
    • Web design
    • Front-end web development
    • Wordpress web development
    • Branding design