• Shield of Athena: family services organization

Shield of Athena: family services organization

Shield of Athena is a non-profit organization that works with victims of family violence. The organization runs an emergency shelter and offers professional services to women and children affected by family violence. They also offer support, intervention, and prevention services with a particular focus on making sure that these services are adapted to meet the needs of many of Montreal’s major ethnocultural communities.

The organization needed a micro-site as well as a number of print materials to support their efforts in the area of women’s rights in marriage.

In addition to being an expert at working with the WordPress platform, Sasha has also assisted us in the strategic planning and actual development of our projects. She is an attentive listener and has always taken into account the organization’s goals and needs as well as the needs of the organization’s audience. With her assistance, we have devised the optimal solution that’s both visually appealing and technologically savvy and very attuned to our needs.

Melpa Kamateros
Executive Director at Shield of Athena

  • What we did: Web design, Wordpress web development, Front-end web development, Graphics & Print Design
  • Project features: Responsive web design, Multilingual website
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    Project Challenges

    • a legal website that’s friendly and visually appealing
    • areas of displaying long text content that are still easily scannable
    • design that extends existing brand and works in 10 languages (including RTL languages)
    • easy-to-use WordPress back-end for content updates
    • an easy “quit” button to protect visitors in hostile environments
    • print collaterals that are consistent with the website design

    Our Solutions

    We started by creating a website that provides thorough information on the topic of marital rights and related questions. The website is consistent with Shield of Athena branding by adapting their original logo to the site’s name and extending their corporate colour scheme. The branding is further extended through the website’s typography.

    Shield of Athena branding adaptation

    In order to soften the design, convey a non-threatening atmosphere, and create subtle points of visual interest we created a number of hand-drawn, doodle-like patterns. These textures are a reference to similar designs already in use on other Shield of Athena collaterals and serve to further connect the website with the rest of the organization’s brand.

    Shield of Athena WordPress Website designed by Sasha Endoh

    We used collapsible accordions for longer texts to give the users a quick and efficient way to scan through the content.

    While the majority of the website’s content is presented in French and English, an area with basic content has been created to offer the most pertinent information in 9 additional languages, namely Greek, Russian, Belarusian, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Bengali, Urdu, and Tamil. Appropriate design adjustments are in place for presenting right-to-left (RTL) language content.

    Animated gif of user workflow for women's rights website

    One of the website’s unique features is an “easy-quit” button allowing a user to quickly leave the website, an important feature for providing information to those in a volatile or hostile environment.

    Lastly, the website is completely responsive, which is to say that it’s optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

    Website Companion Brochure Design

    Athena’s Legal Info website is accompanied by a brochure which we designed to complement the website. Our use of speech bubbles, typography, colour, and hand-drawn patterns creates a strong connection between the two products.

    Just as with the website, the pamphlet is available is a number of languages mostly targeting the Middle-Eastern and South-Asian communities, with appropriate design adjustments for right-to-left (RTL) languages.

    Marriage rights pamphlet design outside

    Marriage rights pamphlet design inside

    Marriage rights pamphlet multilingual design

    Forced Marriage Brochure Design

    The second brochure tied to this project is on the topic of forced marriage. We created this brochure specifically to provide women with a tool they can use if they believe that their family might be preparing to force them into marriage.

    The brochure is to be a woman’s passport to freedom. Appropriate design elements and treatments were used to create a passport-like look and feel.

    The brochure’s colours and typography are consistent with the Athena’s Legal Info website and pamphlet, keeping the brochure on brand. forced-marriage-pamphlet-composite-1