Site Launch: Quebec Writers’ Federation

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new Quebec Writers’ Federation website. Created in collaboration with Melissa Jean Clark and una buro. The new website is focused on improving usability, simplifying interactions for all site visitors by improving content organization, streamlining the process of membership sign-up and renewal as well as workshop and event sign-ups, and finally minimizing the amount of time internal staff has to spend on supporting all of these actions. 

In the words of Lori Schubert, Executive Director of the Quebec Writers’ Federation:

I’m so in love with the site, Sasha! It does everything we wanted it to do and it does it beautifully, seamlessly, and with panache! You’ve listened to everything we said during this process and really built the Quebec Writers’ Federation a site that reflects our values, our style, and our community. Thank you so much!

Quebec Writers Federation homepage screenshot

Visit the QWF site

Posted on 13 May, 2019 in: Announcements, Our Work, Non-Profits, WordPress, Web Development, Web Design