WordPress 4.3 and disappearing Featured Image meta box

The newest version of WordPress has been available for download since August 13th. It packs some new and exciting features which you can check out this the following video.


Graphic of Featured Image area in WordPressHowever, a nifty feature that allows you to customize the labels used for the UI related to setting a Featured Image may cause the Featured Image meta box to completely disappear from you posts.

This meta box is usually found in the right column, below the Tags area of an average Edit/Add Post screen. How this image is displayed on the front-end is specific to the theme you’re using.

The problem arises if you use “post_type_labels_post” filters somewhere in your code, or any other method of altering the labels of a given post type. So, for example, if you’re running a podcast website and would rather call the standard Posts something a bit more appropriate, like Episodes you can write a bit of code that will allow you to change all the labels associated with the standard Posts to Episodes.

With the new possibility of changing Featured Image labels associated with a given post type, you also have to state what these labels have to be or the meta box doesn’t get shown at all. In fact, it won’t even appear in your Screen Options.

The solution is simple, add the following bit of code (and change the labels if you desire) to the code you are already using to re-label your posts.

Your Featured Image meta box will come be back where it belongs! Thanks to bvandreunen for pointing out this solution. Hope it comes in handy to you all.